Headstone CD

Headstone · Untouchable

Online release, Blue Soldier Records/Leeway/Highnote/Want U Music, 2019


02.Untouchable (Kastrup part II)

All songs written by Maximilian Hecker. Produced by Johannes Feige. Mixed by Tommi Eckart, assisted by Nicolai Rohrer. Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering, Amsterdam. Published by it sounds/Universal Music Publishing. 2019.

All songs arranged and recorded by Johannes Feige. Rachael Yamagata’s vocals recorded by Pete Hanlon. Grand piano on »Untouchable (Kastrup part II)« recorded by Matthias Hartenberger. Vocals, pianos, keyboards, acoustic guitars and drums performed by Maximilian Hecker. Electric guitars, bass guitars, baritone guitars, Hammond organs, additional keyboards, synthesisers and percussion performed by Johannes Feige.

Photos taken by Minsu Sun. Artwork concept by Maximilian Hecker.