One Day CD

One Day

DCD, Avant Garden Records/Love Da Records/Pastel Music/Pocket Records/Louisville Records, 2008/2009


01.The Space That You’re In
03.Miss Underwater
04.This Poison Called Love (Home In a Town That Has Sunk)
06.The End of Longing
07.This House Called Love
08.Letters From You
09.Wind Down
10.All These Cradles’ Blankets Will Never Veil My Whole Substance
11.One Day

Produced by Guy Sternberg and Maximilian Hecker. Orchestral arranging and conducting by Doron Burstein. Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel and tambourine by Maximilian Hecker. Electric guitar by Johannes Feige. Bass guitar by Sebastian Vogel. Drums by Snorre Schwarz.

Tracklisting Bonus CD

01.Drink, Little Girl · 2000
02.Sirens · 2000
03.The Space That You’re In · demo, 2007
04.Snow White · demo, 2004
05.I Am Falling Now · demo, 2002
06.Cold Wind Blowing · demo, 1999
07.Love Hurts · 2001
08.Summerwaste · dance edit, 2004
09.Never-Ending Days · demo, 2002
10.No More Lies To Reach You · demo, 2004
11.Mother and Son · 2001
12.Daze of Nothing · demo, 1997

Louisville Records, Germany
Avant Garden Records, Taiwan
Love Da Records, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
Pastel Music, South Korea
Pocket Records, China