Mirage Of Bliss CD

Mirage Of Bliss

CD, Blue Soldier Records/Gold Typhoon Music/Leeway/Love Da Records, 2012

The Chrystal Lake

back It’s a pleasure for me reviewing a new Maximilian Hecker record. He was the first artist I talked about on my blog when I started posting in a second instance for real, which I think was 6 years ago. He is a German singer-songwriter known for composing almost atmospheric lyrical songs, not because there is a lack of vocals but mostly due to his tender and soft voice along with ethereal landscapes, so do not be surprise to find yourself immersed completely into one of his albums without noticing the change of tracks. Everything is so soft and transitions carefully allocated. "Mirage Of Bliss" is his eighth album, and blends twelve tracks plus two bonus ones. The first half of the album is formidable, an amazing sequence of beautiful songs that makes hard to pick one favourite. "The Whereabouts Of Love" was wisely chosen to be the opener, meticulously driven by a piano and presenting a catchy chorus. "Head Up High" and "Treasure Trove" justify comparisons between the artist and Radiohead early stuff and Jeff Buckley. "If Only I Could See" is another breathtaking song, incredible how he keeps the same quality over the album without leaving any weaker part behind or being repetitive. "Heavenlies" is the most tense moment of "Mirage Of Bliss", being possible to establish a bridge with Muses’s song “Sing For Absolution”, of course, preserving due proportions. Extra track "Nana" is also a must-listen. Therefore, "Mirage Of Bliss" is very strong album, nicely recorded, impossible to get tired of, along with Perfume Genius’ "Put Your Back N 2" It I would say it’s one the best lyrical releases of this year.