Interview | Sleaze Nation

Why do you love Kate Moss (Track 1)?

She’s a symbol for an unreachable woman. I can’t say what I especially like about her as I never met her, I only saw photos. She’s very special.

Do you often suffer from unrequited love?

I do. I don’t know why. But I’m also singing about a longing for a deeper thing than love, being released from everything, as in dying or getting back to the space before birth. it’s very idealistic.

Have you found love now?

No. Yes. I did love. But it didn't become a relationship. I don’t know. They never want me. Maybe I am ... too much a boy? Maybe they feel like a mother? But also being horny at the same time, so it’s strange.

Who is Rose?

She’s the relationship that didn't happen. I planned to put her face and body on the album and then ... I decided to take the symbol.

What was your last wound?

Rose, of course. I mean it’s not long ago, only ... but (tormented sigh) anyway.

Why do you like the falsetto?

I wanted to sing like Liam Gallagher and it hurt my voice. Then I discovered Radiohead. it’s easier to sing like that because I don’t waste too much air. I like the fragile sound anyway; the androgyny.

Do you believe in romance?

Of course. When I’m in love I’m very romantic and would run a thousand miles to see her, going down on my knees and crying in her womb and giving myself to her. A very unhealthy way of loving, but for a while I was only able to do it like that.